U Sew Girl 
"The only place house work comes before sewing is in the dictionary"

In Your Home Sewing Lessons
Sew You Can Make It !

I am glad to see that you are interested in learning how to sew or increase your sewing skills.

It's a shame that schools have cut sewing out of their curriculum. The result being sewing has almost become unknown to a whole generation. Now, thanks to TV shows such as "Project Runway" sewing is on its way to re-discovery.

There are some locations that offer sewing classes, however the classes have 15 students or more with only one teacher. Not enough personal attention that one needs. Not personalized to each individual as students do not have the freedom to choose what they want to make.

  • 40 years+ Sewing Experience

  • I Come to You

  • One on One Attention

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Adult/Child 8yrs and up

Images courtesy of Slovly
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